Beating the Rain

It is just 5 PM but I could tell from the dark clouds that it would rain within 20 minutes.  My appointment was at 5:30 PM but I decided to see if I could race to my destination and remain dry.

I raced down Le Van Sy only to face gridlock after gridlock of slow moving motorobikes.  Can’t they understand that it was able to rain cats and dogs?  “Please get out of my way!” I silently pleaded.  “I do not want to get wet!”

Unfortunately nobody seemed to notice, or care, that the lonely crazy foreigner on his red Yamaha Nouvo was trying to pass them.  OMG, did I just get cut off by another Nouvo.

Then it started, one big raindrop followed by another big drop.  I was panicking.  Just one more street to cross.  Traffic light is yellow with 3 seconds to go.  Floor it!!!

Finally I make my destination.  An Expat and a young Vietnamese girl are trying to flag a taxi.

Screw them!!!  I do not want to get wet…

Finally I make it with time to spare.  A couple more drops followed by more drops.  Then it decided not to rain…

Damn it!  All for nothing…

Just another day on the chaotic roads of Saigon.

Oh wait, there it comes finally. 🙂

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