EVN says that somebody can steal electricty outside of house

Today we visited EVN to finally complain about the August electricity bill.  Of course it was a bit frustrating but at the moment, I do not have to pay my electricity bills until the problem is resolved.

In short, they went through the same excuses that the workers who checked my meter went through.  First they tried to blame me for not being home when they checked the reading.  I said I was and gave them the electronic receipt of my power readings that their employee gave me.  Then they said it was not the accurate form since the employee wrote his cell number on it.  Yeah, they said that.

They were trying to convince me that my normal usages was 560 kWh per month until I showed them the readings from the last 4 years.  After one hour they decided to possibly give me a new power reading.  If the numbers were the same, they would consider refunding me.

What I did find interesting was that EVN admitted that somebody could steal electricity from my house even though the power meter was IN my house.  They said it could be done down the power line away from my house.  They said that we had no proof, though, so we still had to pay. This is interesting since several friends told me that it does happen.  Former employees work together with employees from EVN to steal electricity.

For me, they probably thought that since I am normally not home when they checked my reading that I would not notice.  They never suspected that I would actually keep my own records.  You know, you weren’t home so we had to guess your reading which was LOWER than actual.  Hence I had to pay the remaining electricity the next month.  It would have worked but I happened to be home for the August readings.

EVN did tell me to turn off all my circuit breakers in my house and to check the meter a couple hours later, not the actual meter.  If the meter still moves, they want me to call them.  That means somebody is taking my electricity.

Overall though, I will have to pay regardless of the outcome.

This is Vietnam…

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