VTV visited my Linux lab today


Ms. Quynh Ngoc from VTV visited my Linux lab at the American International School today through a referral by An Nguyen of SaigonLUG.  Though we knew about it for a couple days, we only received permission from the school at the last minute.  My students were not prepared but since this was a normal lab day, I was not worried.

This is actually my third academic year using Linux and open source software at AIS.  For their ICT projects, the majority of my students are using either Synfig Studio, Blender and/or GIMP this quarter on either Ubuntu Linux or Windows platforms.  I am impressed at how fast they transitioned to Linux and open source software.  My 10th, 11th, and 12th graders this year are definitely my brightest open source users to date.  I will blog about some of their projects in late January, 2010.

The visit by VTV was went okay.  They just visited one class and got the footage they needed.  Long, my ICT student, and I were interviewed outside the classroom.  That was a little nervous for a guy who hates cameras. 🙂

I am glad that Vietnam is taking a stronger look into open source now.  I also thank AIS for supporting open source and Linux from the first day I started there back in 2006.  Our students will be some of the leading IT experts in the future, in my opinion…


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