Space Battleship Yamato


    Thanks to the Japan Probe blog again, I found out that there will be a live action movie titled Space Battleship Yamato, aka Star Blazers in the US, released this year.   The 30 second clip is really awesome.


    (Space Battleship Yamato)

    I was a huge fan of Star Blazers when I was a kid.  Seen most of the TV shows, minus the Bolar Wars series.  This film will definitely be popular in both Japan and the US.

    More about the film in English from Wikipedia.  It looks like it will released in December, 2010.  I should be in Japan at that time.


    1. Thanks so much Kevin! I didn’t even know the name of this cartoon! Star Blazers and G-Force are kinda blended in my memory, but I can never forget that ship.

      If you hadn’t posted this, those memories may have been lost forever.


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