4 Year Anniversary in my house


It just hit me, I have now stayed in the same house here in Saigon for 4 years.  My landlord collected the rent again.  The way things are currently going, I may stay here until the summer or when I make the move to Japan.

The condition of the house is still okay.  The bottom portion below my room is always clean.  Where my housemate lives, it tends to be very dusty.  Expats tend to be a very lazy bunch when it comes to cleaning houses I noticed.

On Sunday I will give the entire house pre-Tet cleaning.  It will be an all day venture but probably the last thorough house cleaning by me.

I have had minor issues the last couple months related to my room.  It needs a new paint job, it’s wear is showing.

Overall, despite the rants about my house, I will most likely miss it when I leave.  I definitely will miss the neighborhood.

Until then, though, I am still here so I will enjoy the remaining time I have here…