My Bruises from the motorbike accident

Last Tuesday as some you are aware, I was involved in a motorbike accident on Nguyen Dinh Chieu street in District 1.  I was riding along parallel with my ‘work permit’ service agent’s motorbike.  As we stopped at the intersection, another motorbike passed right between us.  Unfortunately for him, he lost control of his overweight motorbike and ran into my handle bar.  The next thing I know I was using my right leg to keep both of our motorbikes from hitting the ground.

That was my mistake.  I should have let my motorbike fall and I would have had little injury.  Instead, my right calf took the brunt of his motorbike impacting my motorbike.  He luckily was able to pass with no injury.  Since he REALLY looked guilty, I let him go.  I was fine but I knew I would get some really bad bruises which appeared today after 5 days.

My right calf is still sore but recovering.  I did not do any lower body this week but was able to attend kendo last Thursday.  The bruise will be there for a couple of weeks (unless I can find some leaches).  What is really funny about this accident is that many of my Vietnamese friends do not believe I was in one.  For some odd reason, people here think bruises appear suddenly and do not realize that it can take days to appear.  Well, here are the proof now 🙂

Bruises from my motorbike accident in Saigon

Bruises from my motorbike accident in Saigon

Bruises from my motorbike accident in Saigon

Bruises from my motorbike accident in Saigon

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  1. Alex

    Hey, Kev,

    Ouch. This is one of the reasons why I’m nervous about learning to ride… but I’m going to try it anyway! (I think…) ^^”

    I’ll be flying to Saigon in about a week. First on the list of to-do’s: finding a teaching job (CELTA-certified), a gym, and chill people to hang with. Any advice you could spare? I noticed that you lift weights – are there any particular gyms you might recommend? I’m an avid user of free weights.

    Would love to meet up later if you’re up for it, maybe for a ca phe sua da? 😛


    PS: Your knowledge of Saigon would definitely be highly appreciated over at Should take a peek!

    • SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

      Pre-Tet Saigon is crazy. It will let up on Saturday and then you got about 2 weeks of perfect riding conditions in Saigon.

      Forget about looking for a teaching job until later Feb. Tet is Sunday, everything will be shut down. Enjoy the break.

  2. riina

    it really does look painful. but luckily nothing more happened! when reading your blog entry header I was instantly worried that you had even worse injuries… which doesn’t mean that this isn’t bad enough!!! just happy to hear that you hadn’t had a collision at full speed or something like that.
    take care!

    • SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

      HI Riina, it does hurt still but getting better. Tomorrow I will lift with my lower body to get it used to exercising again. I know the bruise will get darker after this. Need to find some leeches 🙂

  3. Minh

    Ouch!! Sorry that it happened to you. But why in the world would they fine you for something that’s entirely not your fault.

    • SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

      Not fine as penalty but fine as in I am okay 🙂 In all honesty, in the past the police would fine foreigners involved in accidents even if it was not their fault. No license 🙂

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