Kedai Shamsudin – Best Halal Restaurant in Saigon

Update: Visit: for the latest list of halal restaurants in Saigon (HCMC).

Today I had lunch at Kedai Shamsudin in District 10.  My first impressions of this restaurant was wow!!!  Talking about good customer service.  The people here are amazing and polite.  The decor was very pleasant and the restaurant was quite clean (when compared to VN.Halal).  It is just a nice restaurant to have a meal in.

Kedai Shamsudin is a halal restaurant catering to Malaysian as well as Vietnamese halal cuisines.  I ordered the 6 piece beef satay and the chicken/beef nasi goreng for the main meal with a Coke.  Okay guys, this is by far the best nasi goreng and satay I have ever had in Saigon.  Three and a half hours later, I swear I can still taste them in my mouth.  I want more!!! 🙂  It gets even better, the price for the entire meal was 95,000 VND!  It is a bargain when compared to the other halal restaurants in the city (such as the overpriced VN.Halal).

Kedai Shamsudin is the “Best Halal Restaurant in Saigon!”   Give it a try.  It is about 5-10 by taxi and motorbike from District 1.  They also deliver.

Pictures and address below:

Muslim Interior of Kedai Shamsudin halal restaurant

Muslim Interior of Kedai Shamsudin halal restaurant

My nasi goreng and beef satay

Kedai Shamsudin halal restaurant from Le Hong Phong street

Address: Kedai Shamsudin, 445 Le Hong Phong street, District 10, Saigon
Mobile: 0903399430 – 0908150110
Telephone: +84.8.627.17.494
Open Everyday from 6:30 AM – 10:30 PM, Fridays from 6:30 AM – 11 AM and 1 PM – 10:30 PM.

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  1. Tyler Watts

    Wow, now I’ve really got to stop in there sometime after the glowing review. Glad it turned out to be so good.

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