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Today the new website for Saigon Linux Group (SLG) Vscapeone was launched. The new website still runs on WordPress and uses the new Genesis Theme Framework and Enterprise Child Theme by StudioPress.  StudioPress offers some great premium themes for websites that focus on business, consulting, etc.  I am currently using three of them for 4 WordPress projects I am working on at the moment.

The launch of the new WordPress site is a milestone for SLG Vscapeone after the difficulties we faced since last October.  Most of you are aware that my company was a victim of embezzlement and fraud.  This forced me to refer several of my clients to other companies while I unsuccessfully dealt with my Vietnamese business partner.  Revenue was lost but when compared to many other companies in Vietnam set up jointly with Vietnamese and Expats, I was very, very lucky.

SLG Vscapeone was left idle for about 6 months trying to resolve the problems but with the support of my team and past clients, we decided to give Saigon Linux Group (SLG) Vscapeone a second life about three weeks ago.  During this short time, we received roughly 4 requests for services from companies in and outside of Vietnam.  So now we are moving ahead.

I got a great team of consultants.  Just take a short look at their profiles at this URl: We all have a strong background in implementing open source technologies and a passion for Linux.

This is turning out to be an exciting time for us in the next phase of the Saigon Linux Group (SLG) Vscapeone.

Visit our website:

Edit: SLG Vscapeone was shutdown at the strong urgings of my business advisors and friends.  It will be formed as the Hakata Group in the summer of 2010.

11 comments on “Saigon Linux Group (SLG) Vscapeone new website”

  1. BP


    Happy to see it working again after a long time in a chaos due to someone “an cuop” the related-things-to-it from u – Ha ha ha ha!!!
    You deserve what u have cherished and built up. No one has rights to shatter your passions and dreams in ur own life. Fight, for God’s sake, since he is watching and expecting you to get back what have really belonged to you.

    Good luck.


  2. BP

    But remember, a thief is like a bad dog which can bite me back at my cute ass (Good dog never does that with me). Still, I am scared! Toi so qua :(!!!

  3. fitzecarraldo

    Didn’t know about your company troubles, although i follow your blog sporadically.
    Sadly it seems like a common issue in Vietnam.

    Good to see you keep your company running and good to see you keep pushing the open source movement in Vietnam!

    Best wishes

  4. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Thanks Fitze,

    It was just a temporary bump in the road. This is something that needs to be faced in Vietnam. I am still shocked how one person’s greed could create so many problems. The good news is that this person can no longer steal from the cookie jar and good riddance.

    Keep an eye on my blog, within a month, I will start some classes teaching students and adults to use Linux.


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