Hot in Saigon

As this article suggests, Saigonese distressed by heat wave, this week has been one of the hottest I experienced in Vietnam.  For me, I noticed that I keep my air conditioner on most of the time hovering around 25 C (78 F).  That is a nice and cool temperature but my air conditioner struggles to keep it at that temperature during the day.  At night, I can get it down to 23 C (74 F) which is comfortable.

I find myself going from one air conditioned building to the next.  After five minutes on my motorbike, I am in a sweat.  Forget the taxis, their aircons cannot handle the heat sometimes.  Something even more noticeable is that many Vietnamese in Saigon are complaining about the heat.  I feel sorry for the ones who do not use air conditioners.  With temperatures rising to about 40 C (104 F), this is a time for an aircon.  I have experienced 50 C (122 F) while living in Karatau, Kazakhstan, but I am sweating more here.

A couple days ago it started to rain but it is still not the rainy season.  I think many cannot wait.  The below picture from VietnamNet Bridge shows how you can escape from the heat:

Saigon Heat Wave

Saigon Heat Wave

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