Yeah, it’s hot in Saigon


As I am typing this post, my computer says it is about 88 F (31 C) outside right now.  This is actually a cool day in Saigon compared to the temperatures the city has been getting.  Of course, this is nothing to what they experienced up in Hanoi and northern Vietnam with scorchers past 100 F (40 C).  What is noticeable here in Saigon is the lack of rain.

It is supposed to be the rainy season but where is our rain.  We had a downpour yesterday which was “normal” but this followed 4-5 days of no rain.  Right now Saigon should be getting daily afternoon downpours at about 4 PM at least.  Global warming?

Though today is nice and cool, Saigon has really been hot the last couple of months.  People who normally do not use air conditioners are using them now.  Sadly for me, I am spending most of my days in air conditioned rooms.  Yeah, it may feel pleasant but actually it makes Saigon feel even more hotter after spending extended time in 20-22 C temperature rooms.

Hopefully the monsoon rains will arrive.  Vietnam is already suffering from water shortages.  Power outages are becoming the norm in both Saigon and Hanoi now.  It is common for buildings and offices to have gas powered generators.

I hope you all are staying cool these days.  I am about to head back to Saigon but I do not see any rain clouds.  Not normal…


  1. I agree with you Kevin. Here in Oklahoma it is summer and very hot 90-100 everyday. The funny thing is that all of the tornadic activity has moved to the north for some reason. We are getting our fair share of rain though. With the hurricane season in the gulf they are afraid of how the oil spill will affect things when it really reaches land. What a catastrophic event that is. Have you gotten much news about it in VN?

    • Hi Mike,

      I keep up with the news on the oil spill. I am worried about the methane gas stored in the same area that may be released into the air. I think this may be the apocalypse that many on the Christian right are looking for so do not be surprised to see a lot of religious fervor resulting from this.

      I am curious, did the Earth’s magnetic pole change and nobody is talking about it?

  2. It’s all gloomy here in L.A. which is not normal for July. We had an earthquake 2 days ago (5.4) which was somehow predictable with the weird weather.

  3. Now that government has approve a bunch of nuclear power plant, in 10 or so years that should keep up with power demand of its population.

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