No sunspots = strange weather around the world


Well, my sunspot postings may be getting old but look below at the current picture of the Sun and tell me what is STILL missing:

No Sunspots
No Sunspots

I posted an article about this nearly a year ago.  Still no sunspots.

Since I posted that article, the world has had some strange weather.  Both Europe and the US had colder than normal winters with the entire island of Great Britain covered by snow.   This summer I have friends from around the world mentioning the weather is either hotter or colder than normal.  Istanbul, Turkey, is experiencing colder than normal summers at a time where it should be very humid.  Another friend told me that the tornadoes in the US are landing further north than in the area known as “Tornado Alley”.

The US is experiencing record scorching heat.  Here in Vietnam, there are droughts in part of the country and the rainy season is pretty much absent.  We even had a downpour for about 30 minutes that did not leave that much standing water, most of the moisture either evaporated or was seeped into the ground.

How does this relate to an absence of sunspots???  Hmm, how?  Strange weather, lack of sunspots, I do not know.  Maybe the sun does influence the Earth more than the pro-global warming scientists want to admit…

Maybe, as I joked late last year, Saigon will really see snow this winter…