Learning OpenBSD

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          • Urko

            Well, playing with OpenBSD could be fun in its own right! 🙂

            Anyway, if you want a BSD based firewall, pfSense is probably a very good option.

            You really have quite a few options before you get down and dirty to roll your own…

            Another option that should be extremely solid is Vyatta Core, which actually and officially aims to compete with Cisco products.

            Really, plenty of nice friendly options around… 🙂

  1. Urko

    For that, at our school, we have a combination of:
    – Squid proxy: on Ubuntu 8.04, squid 2.7, using Delay Pools. We don’t block websites, we just make them bloody slow. Plus with the caching we get a nice 20% additional efficiency. And nice daily reports on the usage. We then can talk and educate users, as it is also possible to hog bandwidth with “approved” sites.
    – Firewall: allows external HTTP/HTTPS access only to the Squid proxy.

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