End of a horrible week

Finally, it is an end of probably one of my lackluster weeks in Saigon. Lets see, what happened:

  • HSBC deactivated my bank account because they could not find me. I forgot to change my address but I was surprised that HSBS never tried to call me or email me. I always get advertisements through SMS and email. I went in to change my address and passport information. Now I can get money transferred to my email account.
  • Yesterday I got my favorite shirt muddy and probably stained while I was following two HTV employees to their office in Tan Binh not far from the airport. I thought their office was in District 1 so I did not bring my jacket or wear a mask. Forty minutes later, I regretted that.
  • On the note of HTV, they called me and I thought they wanted me to complete a project for my school. I agreed but it turned out, rather lately, that they wanted me for another project for their client. Why they were not clear in the beginning, I am not sure. They recorded me speaking English so fast, I had to skip words. Their transcript was three pages long and I needed to complete it in under 4 and a half minutes. I made it but I feel sorry for the Can Tho Province residents who have to listen to it.
  • My Moodle template for my school became corrupted, I do not know why. It only works in wide resolutions greater than 1024×768.
  • My Joomla template had problems. This was for my own new website.
  • Several of my school projects are behind schedule thanks to the Albanian hacker.
  • On the note of open source, I let the guys down again. I am too tired to organize a meeting…
  • At home, I cannot sleep. Even worse, I wake up early to fast so I get less and less sleep each night. Yeah, I am a grouch these days.
  • My Milestone phone drained it’s battery really fast this week. Wifi is off and most of the apps as well. Bad battery???
  • Got into an argument with a significant other. That was a big drainer for me. šŸ™
  • I need sleep…

Anyway, it is Friday. Saturday I work but I may skip it to rest and get caught up on projects.

Can’t wait for a brighter Monday morning in Saigon. Next week has a lot of positives.

Have a good weekend.

There, one of my few negative posts on my blog… šŸ™‚

2 comments on “End of a horrible week”

  1. MIKE

    Cheer up Kevin. You look sleep deprived in the picture you posted. Do you think you’ve got too much on your plate? Sounds like it to me.
    One thing for sure. When I arrive you will have a place in the mountains to go visit on weekends to get away from it all.
    I’m naieve to the computer stuff so I can’t help you there. As a matter of fact, I’ll be asking for your help to get me set up when I get there.
    We’re having a bit of a problem selling the house as money is still tight over here and qualified buyers are scarce. We’ll probably have to lower the price to get any interest.
    Take care and have a great weekend.

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