Ubuntu Desktop Upgrade


Well, I decided to upgrade my desktop today. It had been at least 3-4 months since I used my desktop at home.  I had some power supply issues.  My last two upgrades, I replaced my motherboard but this time around, I decided not to replace my Gigabyte EP43-DS3 motherboard.  I am also still using my Intel Core 2 Quad processor (yeah, I have been running a quad core system for a year a half now).  I will wait until at least a year before building a new desktop with Intel’s Core i7 processor.  I did not get to test out the DDR3 memory sticks since my motherboard did not support them.  So instead, I upgraded to 8 gigabytes of Kingston’s HyperX DDR2 (from 4 gigabytes).

Since I had some issues with my last power supply, I decided to replace my CoolerMaster 460W with another CoolerMaster 600W power supply.  The 460W version may have been defective.  Plus, it could only support one pci card and now I will be using two Nvidia video cards on my upgraded Ubuntu system.

I also bought a second LCD monitor.  I find I am much more efficient when using two monitors (I use three at my school).  I plan on doing several web projects with Joomla and WordPress the next couple of months.  I got both monitors working under Ubuntu Linux but I need to get Xinerama or TwinView enabled so I can use the two monitors effectively.  Right now I cannot drag an item from one screen to the next.

Unfortunately my DVD drive does not work.  It will need to be replaced most likely.

image(I stripped out my video and sound cards as well as the 4 gig memory sticks before installing the new power supply)

image(5.1 Sound card and two PCI video cards)

image(Two LCDs before I installed Ubuntu Linux)

image(New Kingston HyperX DDR2 memory sticks)

image(HyperX looks awesome!!!)

image(Got one monitor working, the new one is one the right)

image(Bingo, both are working)


(I can do different tasks with both monitors but still have some configuration to do)

My next post I will talk about the new EeePC I just bought to replace my defunct AspireOne which got damaged.