Pham Mach Gym

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  1. Dan

    Could you please tell me the location of Pham Mach Gym. No one here in Saigon has any idea of it’s location(District, street names anything).

    Thanks – Dan

  2. Valentino Andreas

    Do you know the latest fee for monthly membership in Pham Mach Gym,and for the one you recommended before Get Fit ,is it located near district 1 ?

    • SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

      Forget Pham Mach Gym now, it is not for weight training anymore. Just machines, it is geared towards women. The monthly membership is about 500,000 VND.

      Get Fit is about the same price if you get a one year membership which is $300 US.

  3. Valentino Andreas

    I agree with you about van mach gym,the dumbell not many also not complete …more machine for girls 🙁 luckily i just take a look there…about the Get Fit is located near district 1,I live in nguyen trai,so that i can exercise at 6pm before go to work … and how much for per visit/per entry fee in Get Fit

    Thank You

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