Viet Lac Hoi An Restaurant – Hoi An, Vietnam

I am giving a plug for Scott Marquis’s new restaurant up in Hoi An.  Here is how he describes his new restaurant:

Comfort food with a twist…What we do is simple: we take favorite foods and drinks from home, venture to the local market and make them here in Hoi An. That’s it. Good food, no fuss.

You can learn more about his restaurant by visiting his website: or Facebook Page.  Better yet, just travel up to Hoi An and try out Viet Lac Hoi An Restaurant yourself.


Hoi An, Vietnam, Quang Nam, Vietnam

+84(0) 1249247961
5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Tues – Sun:
8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Viet Lac Restaurant, Hoi An, Vietnam

Viet Lac Restaurant, Hoi An, Vietnam

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  1. Clifton Buck-Kauffman

    We arrived in Hoi An last night and then went out and had a wonderful dinner at Viet Lac Hoi An restaurant. The cuisine is mostly “western” but comprised of locally sourced ingredients. Joy had the Tomato Soup and I had the Caesar Salad for appetizers. For our entrees I had the Sesame Seed Tuna while Joy enjoyed the Thai Red Chicken Curry.

    We ate out on the back terrace, right next to the river. It started raining but under the large umbrellas rain was not a problem. We had desserts also which were rich and delicious. I had a chocolate peanut sort of pie and Joy had a custard covered with caramel. Everything tasted fabulous!

    We returned to Viet Lac for lunch today and I had the fabulous Caesar Salad again with the Baked Onion Soup while Joy tried a sesame encrusted shrimp dish. They have tasty fresh squeezed fruit juices and my favorite, Carrot Juice.

    The prices are quite reasonable considering the care lavished on each dish, including very artistic plate presentations. We will be going back for more meals during our 5 days visit to Hoi An.

    What a coincidence that you are mentioning this new, and unique, entry on the Hoi An restaurant scene while we are up here!

      • Clifton Buck-Kauffman

        I certainly will share some pix when we return to Saigon on Monday! I didn’t bring the required cord to Hoi An.

        We are returning to VIET LAC for dinner tonight, with friends.

        We had a very nice meal last night at MORNING GLORY “Street Food Restaurant & Cooking School” in “Old Town” Hoi An. We splurged and had four appetizers, Fresh Spring Rolls(2 large sized for VNDong45K), which were delicious with the peanut sauce. We tried the Hoi An Lemon Chicken, served over rice (also 45K), Fried WonTons with Crab Meat(VND55K, no extra charge for the half dozen small, pesky, bits of crab shell included. Otherwise they were fabulous with the crispy texture I love.) “Crispy Pancake”(2 for 55K), a traditional dish (Banh Xao) made smaller here and served with rice paper and lettuce, as usual, although including a bit of superfluous oil. With our shared Roast Duck Breast, which was served with sliced banana flower, onion, greens, peanuts, garlic and lemon. We had the Morning Glory with lots of Garlic on the side, For dessert we split Hoi An Waffles with Hoi An Ice Cream, very decadent indeed. Over-all we enjoyed our dinner and are not surprised that MORNING GLORY is at the top of the restaurant ratings on Trip Advisor. We were among the first folks to have dinner yesterday evening. The service is a bit of a let down as is so often true across the board in Vietnam in/at those Nha Hang without good management. My practice is to leave a nice gratuity, not here…

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