Beta Securities, Saigon, Vietnam


I visited Ms. Chau, my friend, at her company this morning for coffee before I headed to work.  She is the Associate Broker for Beta Securities located in Saigon’s Financial District (Wall Street) in District 1.  Beta Securities just opened a new trading floor at 38-40-42 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street in District 1.   Ms. Chau invited me to visit her company so I visited it this morning with my friend, Mr. Dinh from Wimax Vietnam, a company offering CCTV security camera solutions.

The trading floor was really nice, each seat was given access to a computer.  On the wall was a projection of the stock market sessions for both bourses in HCM and Hanoi.  You can get coffee there while perusing Beta’s website for some good stock buys.

Since Ms. Chau works here, Beta Securities is one of the few securities companies that I recommend for investors and traders interested in the Vietnamese stock market.  Actually, it is the only one I recommend now, I do not trust the other securities companies.

When the market picks up, Beta Securities will become one of the up and coming securities firms in Vietnam.  I will provide more company information in a future blog post.

Below are a couple pictures I took.  I will get more later…

Beta Securities, Saigon, Vietnam

(Trading Floor Service Desk)

Beta Securities, Saigon, Vietnam

(HCM and Hanoi Stock Exchanges Sessions are projected on the wall)

Beta Securities, Saigon, Vietnam

(Nice comfortable chairs with computers)

Beta Securities, Inc., Saigon Branch
Trading Floor,
38-40-41 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street,
District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
Tel: 84-


  1. Hi Kevin, im a regular reader. It is good to know this company, but I cannot agree with your statement “do not trust Other security companies”, i think it is not proper to say and that unless you have worked with every single one of them, i also have friends working at “other” security comapnies in Saigon with good reputation and excelent service.

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