Sabayon Linux Five Oh!


Yesterday I installed Sabayon Linux 5.4 (Gnome Edition) on my faithful IBM Thinkpad T60 (I bought the model before the switch to Lenovo).  I wanted to return to a Gentoo-based system to freshen up on my Linux skills.  I have gotten real lazy the last year since I started running Ubuntu Linux on my desktops and laptops.  Sabayon has been one of my favorite distros so far, I even donated money to the community last year to support it.

The installation went pretty smoothly.  I could not do a regular install from the Live Gnome Desktop due to an error so instead I installed through the graphical installer.  Amazingly, it only took about 10 minutes to install the entire system.  Sabayon has really improved the efficiency of their installation fees.  One thing that was missing was their music I was used to hearing during the installation.

Once the install was finished, I booted in.  I ran into a hurdle since I was unable to update the repository due to poor bandwidth at my house.  I waited a night and then brought it to my school which has a high-speed fiber optic line.  Despite having this, it took nearly 2 hours to update my system.  There were many files to update unfortunately but as a true Gentoo system, once you make the update, you will always have the newest stable software.

Entropy is a nice package manager.  No need to use emerge in Sabayon which is a good thing.  Entropy has also come a long way.  I hope to keep Sabayon on my Thinkpad for the long term.


(Sabyon Linux 5.4 on my Thinkpad T60)


(Entropy Package Manager)

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