Left by the Ship – America’s Forgotten Children


    Left by the Ship is a documentary about Robert, Jr, Charlene and Margarita are Amerasians: the sons and daughters of Filipina sex workers and American servicemen stationed at the Subic Bay US Naval Base, once the largest outside mainland USA.

    When the Base was closed 18 years ago, thousands of Amerasian children were left behind. Unlike Amerasian children from other countries, Filipino Amerasians were never recognized by the US government.

    Now those children have grown up. Left by the Ship follows the lives of four Amerasians over the course of two years, as they struggle with discrimination, family problems and identity related issues, trying to overcome a past they are in no way responsible for.

    a documentary by Emma Rossi-Landi and Alberto Vendemmiati. Produced by VisitorQ, Raicinema, ITVS international and YLE.

    The Amerasian Foundation strives to give Amerasians a Voice around the world.

    LEFT BY THE SHIP trailer English from visitorq on Vimeo.

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