Signs of a weak US Economy? Arizona Jeans

I am a big fan of Arizona Jeans.  I have worn them for a long time preferring these jeans over Levis.  They always seem to last longer, especially in Saigon, then Levi jeans to me.

Normally the cost of one pair of Arizona jeans is roughly between $38-40 US.  Sometimes, if lucky, you can get them down to $20 US on special sales days.  Last weekend I grabbed one pair for $13.99 US and then got a 20% discount before taxes.  I got a pair for just $11.19 US at JC Penny’s.  Hence, I could have gotten nearly 4 pairs of Arizona jeans for the price of, lets say, a Year 2000 pair of Arizona jeans.  If you take into consideration inflation, this same pair “may” be much cheaper in 2000 dollars.

Many goods in stores are similarly discounted for Christmas.  Yeah, there may be high numbers of Xmas shoppers in US malls and shopping centres this Christmas shopping season, the question is if stores can actually make a good profit.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

I bought two pairs of Arizona Jeans by the way.  A good buy…

Arizona Jeans

Arizona Jeans

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  1. huy

    Not sure if you are visiting US, but yes I am familiar with Arizona Jeans, only at JC Penny. I might have to run there myself before Noel.

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