Vietnamese Restaurants in Seattle

I was surprised to see the large number of Vietnamese restaurants in Seattle.  One day I will take pictures of some of the best Viet restaurants I visited.

I passed Thoa’s restaurant after leaving the Pike Place Market.  I did not stop by it this trip.


I saw this Pho restaurant in Pioneer Square.

The best Vietnamese restaurant I have eaten in the US is located in Seattle’s Little Saigon in the International District.  The food was great at Tamarind Tree.  I highly recommend this place which is located near the corner of 12th and Jackson.

Sorry I was so busy eating and talking, I forgot to take the pictures of the food…

6 comments on “Vietnamese Restaurants in Seattle”

  1. Tri

    Hi. I’ve got you in my RSS reader and am vicariously enjoying your life in Vietnam. I’m a Seattleite myself and a 2nd-generation Vietnamese American. I remember when Tamarind Tree opened… great reviews. I must’ve given it three or four chances before giving up on it. I love the space, but don’t think the food is very authentic or good. Take it for what you will. 🙂

    • SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

      Really? I thought the food was very similar to the food I had in Saigon. I really loved it. I will go there one more time before returning to the Midwest.

      Nice to meet you. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Alex

    Kevin, I didn’t realize that you were around Lynnwood! I staying with my brother in Lynnwood for about a week as well. I also just came from Saigon. I think our paths are due to cross sometime soon!

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