Saigon Calling

It is hard to believe that I have been in the US for over 6 weeks now. It was a much needed break to recuperate from the stress of the previous year. I have done a lot of traveling during this trip visiting; Ohio (Athens and Columbus), Houston, Texas, California (San Fransisco, San Jose, Mountain View, and San Diego), and finally my hometown of Seattle. Oddly enough, I passed through Las Vegas three times at the airport and lost nearly $20 US. 🙂

Tomorrow I have a trip to New Jersey and Pennsylvania to meet Fetullah Gulen again. It will be interesting to meet him again, I last met him in December, 2001. On the 10th, I will depart from Neward to Saigon via Chicago and Hong Kong. Total travel time will be over 24 hours but it will be nice to be back in a tropical country again.

I will set up my company in late Jan., or early Feb., focusing on IT security. Another friend wants me to join his new consulting firm as well. 2011 will be a busy year for me.

Looking forward to seeing my friends in Saigon again. I will miss the US again so I will return for 14 days possibly in June.

Happy Belated New Year. Tet is coming up as well.

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