Internet line damaged in Vietnam


It is not in the English news sites yet but the internet line shared by VNPT, Viettel and FPT was damaged recently outside of Vung Tau somewhere in the ocean.  I found out yesterday from my friend at VNPT when I complained about the terrible bandwidth from Vietnam to the US.

Nobody seems to know when the line was actually damaged but I think it happened last Saturday morning when we had the small earthquake.

The line is supposed to be repaired sometime next week but nobody knows when for sure.  I heard that they were still trying to locate where the line was actually damaged.


Took nearly 5 days but finally the news is reporting about the cable breakage in English:

Internet in Vietnam disrupted from severed cable


  1. This is more-or-less same story we’ve heard from technical support staff FPT. A break in the cable to Singapore. I monitor times to Hong Kong also and I’ve seen those dramatically impacted … so I guess this might be the TATA cable from Singapore to Hong Kong that has a branch reaching to Vung Tau.

    Regarding the location where the line was damaged … it is very easy for them to work that out, due to cleverness about how these cables work. I assure you that, if it is a cable break, they know exactly where to send the ship …

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