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Internet still slow in Vietnam

As of today, it has been two weeks since the internet speeds slowed down significantly in Vietnam and 9 days since I last posted about the poor bandwidth here.  The damaged internet line outside of Vung Tau has not been repaired yet.  My friend at VNPT told me that they are unsure when the line will be repaired.  It is the Asia-America Gateway line that is damaged.  There is supposed to be a ship on the way to repair it.

Right now, some ISPs have started to blame the 9.0 earthquake in Japan for the slow internet but this is impossible, the Asia-America Gateway line does not go near Japan.  It goes across the Pacific via Guam and Hawaii.

Of course there are some other rumors flying around.  My favorite is that the Vietnamese government is now running their Great Firewall in-country now.  A nice rumor but most likely not true.

For now, we just got to be patient in Vietnam and pray the ocean gods will push the repair ship closer to the damaged line soon.

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  1. Syd

    i heard some viet fiehermen stole da cable and sold it. dis isnt da first time sumfing like dis has happened. back in 2007 fishermen stole 40tons of it.

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