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TheRightBrainer.com – New Blog

Some of you have probably noticed that I started a new blog called TheRightBrainer.com.  It may seems strange to many of the readers here but this is the type of blog I have been trying to right for the past two years.

TheRightBrainer.com is a website focusing on the right side of the brain.  I created this site as a means to better understand my way of thinking.  I am what they consider a “right-brain” dominant person meaning I use more of my right-brain then my left brain.  This does not mean I am an artist, musician, etc.  Artists, musicians, and authors tend to be right-brain dominant as well as some scientists including Albert Einstein.  I included a Right Brain Resource link at my new blog for those who may be interested in researching this topic further.

Heiko Rudolph is contributing to this blog.  I hope to have others contribute as well.

Right now I am focusing my creative writing side.  I have never done this before outside of a university environment.  I am writing a short story called My Lover Story.  It is a sad love story that will be told from different narrator point of views.  The first two parts were from the male lover’s point of view, the next will be from the female lover’s point of view.  I will keep using different point of views/perspectives until I feel the true story has been told.

I  hope some of you will enjoy this story and my new blog.

TheRightBrainer.com Logo

TheRightBrainer.com Logo

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