Was Ubuntu really worth it?


I was surprised that I spent nearly a year running Ubuntu on my desktop, netbook and laptops at home.  Unfortunately for Ubuntu, I brought back an iPad from the US after my 7 week trip.  The iPad immediately replaced my eeePC that ran Ubuntu on it.  Once I bought the iPad, the poor eeePC never saw daylight again.  Yes, I love Android but I fell in love with the iPad, I have not put it down since.  For the first time in a long time, I could play games on a computer with the iPad.  I enjoyed it.

Then back in February, I bought a Macbook Pro.  It replaced my ageing Thinkpad T60 notebook.  I also stopped using my desktop.  Both were running Ubuntu.

Yes, I have some friends mocking me since I was very anti-Apple just a year ago.  I hate to admit it, though, I really like running stable systems.  Ubuntu was pretty stable, but not stable enough for me.  On my desktop, I kept having problems with xorg and sound.  Normally this would not be a problem but normally these problems accord when I was about to watch a dvd or listen to some music.  I only had these problems with Ubuntu, never while running Arch Linux or Gentoo on my desktop.

Another death kill for Ubuntu with me was when I decided to use CentOS on my Linode VPS back in the US.  I was going to use Ubuntu Server until Chris Dollmont scolded me.  Chris is a Linux/Unix Guru in this part of the world.  CentOS, as well as Scientific Linux, were both more secure than Ubuntu Server.  Hence I started using a Red Hat environment more often.  I was beginning to like it.

At work, I decided to replace Ubuntu Desktop with Fedora Core 14.  I have never looked back since.  I entered the Linux world with Red Hat 7.3 back in 2002 so I guess I kind of returned to it though I give Gentoo Linux credit for making me an active Linux user.

Thus, was Ubuntu really worth it?  Of course, it give me a nice bleeding edge environment to work on for nearly a year.  Problems were easily fixed with only a few exceptions (xorg and sound).  I never had anything to complain about.  It is just that when compared to a Mac, it just does not compete.  In short, I primarily used Ubuntu for my entertainment, I no longer need this now since I started using the iPad and Macbook Pro.

For my working environment, I prefer to run Linux.  Fedora Core at my office, CentOS/Scientific Linux on my servers and Arch Linux (or Gentoo) back on my desktop.  Why would I use a geek distro at home you say?  Quite easy, with both Gentoo and Arch Linux, I can still use my two graphics card and sound card with little problems.  I also miss using them as well.  Arch and Gentoo were fun and both have been relatively stable in recent months.

Overall though, I am still a Linux/Unix user, that is all that counts.  I got one instance of Windows XP running somewhere…