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    1. It was a nightmare last May 27, 2011 midnight from TSN airport, Saigon. I happened to find a waiting metered taxi & negotiated to bring me to Dist 1. Approaching the toll gate, the driver told me to pay 100,000 VND but I told him he pay for that. He was insisting that I pay but I asked to give me the receipt but he do not have. I did not saw him pay anything. I glanced at the meter and it was already 311,000VND, I saw it initially register 95,000VND. I asked why that amount already since metered taxi are cheaper. The driver angrily said that I pay 50USD all in all including the 100,000VND toll fee to Dist 1. I raised my voice that I do not have that money and I cannot pay that amount. He called on his celphone a man whom he said his manager and gave the celphone to me. The driver stopped the taxi. In broken English, the guy demanded that I should pay $50 but I said I will only pay $9 until district 1 as I do not have the money. He told me to give the $9 and go down but I did not. I became hysteric and shouted to the driver to bring me to Dist 1 telling him I will report to the police. For twice he talked to the driver and again talked to me but I insisted that I can only pay $9 to district 1. I repeatedly told them I don’t have the money and demanded to bring me to dist. 1. They talked again and asked me to pay $10. When the taxi arrived in Distict 1, the rude taxi driver demanded the $10 before he opened the door. I have the money ready in my hand, a paper and a pen to note down the plate number. I told him I will complain against them and he drove away immediately. It was Taxi Gas Saigon, Petrolimex Blue Taxi. Body # 528, Plate 56K 4883.
      It was a clear hold-up and abuse of passengers. It was horrible. Please call the attention of the operator and driver of this taxi. Thanks.

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