VMAQ-4 EA-6B Prowler in Afghanistan

I just learned today that my former Marine Corps Reserve squadron, VMAQ-4 Seahawks, an electronic warfare squadron flying the EA-6B Prowler, has recently been deployed to Afghanistan.  The mission is secret for obvious reasons.  I am surprised they are still using the EA-6B, VMAQ-4 has been using the this variant since upgrading from the EA-6A in 1991.  It is an old airplane worth about $360 million US back in 1991.

I served with VMAQ-4 back in 1991-1992 when it was still a reserve squadron at NAS Whidbey Island in Washington state.  I served as a Reservist Flight Equipment Marine (MOS 6060) until the squadron was activated and sent to the east coast as an active duty squadron.  I was later reassigned to another reserve unit with the Marine Corps Reserves until I received my medical discharge in late 1996.

As usual, watching a couple YouTube videos about VMAQ-4 brings back some memories.  The first video is about their deployment to Afghanistan recently.  The second video is a flyby of VMAQ-4 at an airshow in 2010.

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  1. Mike

    Yeah that does bring back some memories. I was stationed on the USS Saratoga for almost three years and I saw a lot of E2’s. We also had F4’s, A5’s, A7’s, A3’s, S2’s and a helicopter Squadron.
    I think threre were close to 100 aircraft onboard. The E2’s were always the loudest on runup at the catapults. Good looking airplane though.

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