back online


    Well, I got my blog back online. Last night I tried to upgrade my server to PHP 5.3 but after the reboot, disappeared. I kept trying to fix it all night but then gave up. It is better to start debugging under restful eyes.

    A couple hours ago I finally got PHP 5.3 to run but I needed to revert back to PHP 5.1 and then deactivate all my plugins in my WordPress blog. After that I upgraded to PHP 5.3 and I got my blog to work. Then the next problem occurred with my UTF-8 settings in MySQL. I am able to comment out both the UTF-8 and collate settings in wp-config.php which worked but only with my old backup database for this site.

    Hence, I got all the problems debugged but I lost about 4 days of data though I have daily backups emailed to me. Now my “new” site is back to the gray colors which I think I will keep for awhile.

    Hopefully there will not be any new problems this week.