Meet Hoshi, my new American Shorthair cat


A friend brought me Hoshi on Thursday night from a pagoda in the Binh Duong Province.  He is the same breed as Smokey, who passed away last year.  Hoshi is an orange tabby American Shorthair cat considered to be one of the house friendly cats.  I suspect the US military brought many American shorthairs to Vietnam during the war here but I cannot confirm it yet (There are many American dog breeds here as well).

Hoshi is my third orange tabby American shorthair cat.  My first one died as a kitten back in 2006.  I got a second orange tabby, Jenny, and I did not get a long well.  She had behavior issues and eventually moved in with a Viet Kieu family who really love her.  She was supposed to have killed the rats and mice but she ended up laying around the terrace enjoying the sun and attention.  Orange tabbys are just cute to look at.

The first thing I did was give Hoshi a bath.  He was full of dirt.  He will get a second bath today or tomorrow with a special shampoo to kill the gnats and possibly fleas.  Luckily he does not seem that scared of the water but during the process a couple days ago, Hoshi did bit me.  Below is a picture of him afterward laying in the box drying.  He looks pissed.

He is calming down.  I hope to let him wander some more tomorrow.  He is using the litter box and I hope to get him using the Litter Kwitter by next month.

Hoshi is roughly 3 months old.  Y, the popular vet here in Saigon, will give Hoshi his shots in one week.

Enjoy more future posts.  My cats tend to be popular to readers and friends alike.

Hoshi - American Shorthar Cat in Vietnam
Hoshi - American Shorthar Cat in Vietnam


  1. Yes, the US Military brought some German Shepherds to Vietnam. I have a cross breed that understands Vietnamese and English, with the best of both GI & Vietcong characteristics as well. He likes roaming the wetlands, hides in a hole when discretion is in favor of valor, eats steaks without chillies or beef noodles, drinks both tea and coffee (with milk), has a soft spot for ladies, will take you as an enemy if you wield a stick, wears a black coat with perfectly uniformed (symmetrical) tawny markings and without the benefit of air support, he ll snap insects out of the air.

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