Hoshi Update

Well, I have had Hoshi for nearly a week now.  At first I though he was roughly 3 months old but now I think he is about 6-8 weeks old.  Y, my vet, will pay a visit sometime this weekend to give Hoshi his first shots.  Hoshi started out living in a big box for a couple days before I moved him outside.  He is very feisty and aggressive still, most likely since his mother was a feral cat. I bought a pink crate for him and he seems to be adjusting to it.

Today was the second time I was able to hold Hoshi for a long period of time.  He slept on my stomach while I took a nap but when I woke up, he went back to the crate.  He is no longer hissing at me, just meows so that is a good sign.  Most kittens I have ever raised would start coming to me after a couple days but I read online that it takes feral kittens much longer.

Below is a shot of his new crate and video of him meowing on me.

Hoshi - My American Shorthair Cat in Vietnam

Hoshi - My American Shorthair Cat in Vietnam

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