View of Saigon Skyline from Bitexco Building (57th Floor)


I made my first visit the the Bitexco Financial Tower today to attend a meeting.  I needed to be directed from the basement to the lobby and then finally through 2 sets of elevators.  The observation tower is located on the 49th floor.  To go to the higher floors, you will be directed to another set of elevators.   I was visiting IDG Ventures Vietnam so I needed to take the elevator up to the 57th floor.

I was amazed at the view.  Until this time, the highest I have been in a building in Saigon was Sunwah Towers when I was visiting a friend at Vinacapital.  Unfortunately I only had my camera on my HTD Desire HD mobile phone.  Next time I will bring my new Canon camera for some better photos so I can filter out the dusty windows and city haze.

Enjoy the pictures.  You can click the photos to enlarge them.


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