Another Hoshi Update


Well, I have had Hoshi for nearly one and a half months now.  Despite my Vet’s warning that Hoshi would be dead within a month, that would have been two weeks ago, he is alive and kicking.  He is very active now in his kennel.  I will try to leave the kennel open during the day but he tends to stay inside.  He no longer has his fever now and has gained a lot of weight.

At night you can hear him tearing apart the kennel.  I put a toy mouse on a string inside his kennel with a couple other toys.  He will wake me up occasionally.  He will still hiss at me but that is expected to continue for a couple more months.  I cannot hear him meow though.  Next week the Vet will visit him.  If Hoshi is okay, he will get his shots.

Below is a picture of Hoshi curling into a ball while he was sitting on me.

Hoshi - My Ginger American Shorthair cat in Vietnam
Hoshi - My Ginger American Shorthair cat in Vietnam

A couple hours ago, I was in Pham Ngu Lao.  The store next to Santa Cafe had a really cute white American shorthair cat on a leash.  It was cute watching it use the front tire of the Honda Dream as a scratch post.  I did not like seeing the leash but the family must really love it.  Most Vietnamese hate cats.  Below are pictures of him:


  1. Nice one, haha. There is only one single thing that I hate in Saigon, they eat anything available for them. Dogs, cats and even rats in the countryside.

    I would love to keep my cat safe.

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