Baba’s Kitchen – New Indian Restaurant in Saigon

Finally, for those of you that miss Robin when he ran Mumtaz, his wonderful halal Indian food is back.  Last night he had his grand opening of Baba’s Kitchen, Robin’s own halal Indian restaurant.  His restaurant was packed last night, mostly people who used to visit Mumtaz down the street.  Mumtaz quality and service went down the drain since Robin left.  At Baba’s Kitchen, the high quality Indian cuisine we all are used to is back.

Today I had a Thali lunch tray at Baba’s since I was unable to stay for a meal last night.  It was great.  Robin gave the meal for free, something he does for many loyal customers.  I highly recommend you all make a visit to Baba’s Kitchen for lunch and dinner.  Be sure to have Robin give his best recommendation.  My favorite is the chicken korma with white rice and kheema somosa.  It is nice to have a good halal Indian restaurant worth going to again.

164 Bui Vien Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCMC


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  1. Anne

    Good luck to Robin, his food was always the best Indian food in Saigon for my money. Even though I’ve moved to Mumbai and can get all the Indian cuisine I could possibly want I still hanker after a taste of “home” from time to time.

  2. Anne

    I teach in international schools with my husband, four years in Vietnam was fantastic but it was time to take on a new challenge. It was quite difficult to find a country that got us as excited about moving to as Vietnam did but India hit all the buttons. So far, so fantastic but I miss the coffee a lot.

    • SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

      No coffee in India? Mainly tea, right? I like coffee myself but I have a larger preference for tea, especially Japanese teas.

      I did four stints with 4 different private schools in Saigon. A couple were okay but I got tired of the politics. They are harder to work in then companies in the private sector.

      Have you met with Preya, another blogger, who is now in India teaching at an international school?

      • Anne

        There is coffee, Bangalore is the main growing area as far as I know but you’re right, the drink of choice is tea. I have found some decent coffees to make at home but there’s nothing quite like a cafe da from my local street cafe to get me set up for the day. I haven’t met with Priya, I’d be interested in seeing her take on teaching and working in India, do you have a link to her blog?
        You’re right about the politics but I’ve been teaching so long that it’s just part of the territory and worth putting up with for the fantastic holidays and (usually) fantastic students.

        • SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

          Here is Preya’s blog:

          Oddly enough, we never met. She headed to the US to study when I came to Vietnam. Very interesting person.

          Tea, I love it. In Kazakhstan, I had Indian tea 5 times a day with condensed milk. In Kyrgyzstan, we had the same but in the south they had strong green tea, an Uzbek favorite. I am a tea person. Coffee is good but I am not really a fan. Tea is healthier anyway. Are you blogging about India now?

  3. Anne

    Spiced chai has the potential to become very addictive but I don’t drink much milk so I doubt it will reach the intake levels I built up for cafe da, but check back on that in a year, I’m nothing if not addaptable where drinks are concerned.
    It’s business as usual with the blogging, I post mainly pictures and there was a brief hiatus as I got used to the grey skies that come with monsoon but I’ve stopped being so precious and got the camera back in action.
    Thanks for the link to Preya’s blog, it makes interesting reading to see the parallel settling in process.

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