Hoshi very active

Y, my vet, visited a couple days ago.  He gave Hoshi a good bill of health.  Hoshi recovered and will be receiving his shots soon.  He is very active now and leaves his kennel to chase boxes, dust, and his tail.  He is still a little scared of people but I think in about a month, he will be running after them.  My feet will be his victims surely in the future. 🙂

Hoshi playing next to his box, he loves that box

Hoshi playing next to his box, he loves that box

4 comments on “Hoshi very active”

    • SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

      During his brief stints of freedom, he attacks everything now. I am just waiting for him to ambush me. He sleeps in a kennel that I lock at night but in the morning, he races out of it. He is getting more comfortable with me but I hope he becomes people friendly soon.

  1. Huong

    Hi Kevin,

    Good to know that you have a cat, again. How long he will get the size of the late Smokey?

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