GoHalalPlanet.com launched

GoHalalPlanet - Vietnam
GoHalalPlanet - Vietnam website

Most of you probably know that I have been working on a halal travel site for Vietnam.  The work gathering all the information took longer then expected but I am at the point where I can finally launch the site.  Thanks to those who supported me on this project.  It is just a start, I still have to finish up gathering information for Hanoi and other cities before starting with Cambodia and Laos.

I did a soft launch of GoHalalPlanet.coma couple days ago.  Today I launched GoHalalPlanet – Vietnam which contains a list of a halal restaurants and recommendations for Muslim travelers wanting to visit Vietnam.

The idea for GoHalalPlanet was inspired from my halal restaurant list here at SaigonNezumi.com.  It is probably one of the most visited pages in my entire blog.  At the urging of several people, I decided to expand it into a new website and will be my new company.

Thanks to those people for their encouragement and support.


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