Twitter Updates for 2011-10-11

    • Black Paw Fail via @ICHCheezburger #
    • @Orangwutang I just had lunch with him at Baba's Kitchen. It is really good, his business is successful. #
    • @SaigonWeekly 🙂 Good one. #
    • @jon7b @anita_tran Yeah, agreed. #
    • @Anita_Tran People get selfish when they come here. They think it is ok to leave their ethics home. Gets annoying after awhile. #
    • @fisheggtree Wow, again, surprised. I was going to search for halal restaurants a couple weeks ago. I guess I will wait until next month. #
    • @saigonnezumi This has been my pet peeve since the summer. #
    • If your are an #Expat in Vietnam who forgets to say thank you, maybe you have been in #Vietnam too long. #
    • @fisheggtree Wow, I had no idea it was really that bad. I guess I picked a good time not to travel to Cambodia. #
    • I'm at Baba's Kitchen #
    • I'm at Tuan Anh Barber #
    • Lame excuse…“@tuoitrenewsvn: Inflated air bags caused deadly crash: driver” #
    • Here comes the rain here in #Saigon #
    • Server is running "A" okay so far. #
    • All my sites are back up. 🙂 #linode #