Twitter Updates for 2011-10-13

    • Upgrading my iPad to iOS 5 #
    • @Helennetherland Of course he sleeps when I am awake and goes TO work when I sleep 🙂 #
    • My #cat never learns, he always pours his water bowl and food bowl and whines when it is empty… #
    • If you are a @wordpress fan, follow @wpmayor #
    • @philip_arthur Yeah, it hurt… #
    • @philip_arthur The file being transferred was 1.6 gigs so I had to do it again 🙁 #
    • @philip_arthur I made that mistake a couple days ago on my server. I forgot the -c part and, umm, I lost SSH connection to my server. #
    • @philip_arthur wget -c will always save the day #
    • @SaigonSean I do not think they did anything wrong, too many "charities" here focus on money rather then the heart. #
    • @betoneko You know, just possibly. #