Viivue – Premium WordPress/Joomla Theme Design Boutique in Vietnam


I visited my friend’s company, Viivue, yesterday.  Viivue is a premium theme design boutique located here in Saigon, Vietnam.  They design custom premium themes for Joomla.  There are many Joomla theme designers, including some in Vietnam, but very few do custom designs for businesses.  They have designed some great Joomla themes for clients around the world and in Vietnam including these below:

It’s hard to believe the above sites were designed for Joomla.  Viivue’s Joomla themes load up pretty quick which is unusual for many of the Joomla sites I have visited.  It gets even better, they have started designing premium themes for WordPress.  Viivue just launched a site for Ernst & Young in Belgium:

Viivue’s Ernst & Young site does NOT look like a WordPress site.  This is the first time I seen a WordPress site design with this particular theme.  I definitely can’t wait to see their future premium WordPress themes.  Definitely give Viivue’s website a visit if you are interested having a custom Joomla or WordPress theme for your company.

If you contact them, please tell that SaigonNezumi sent you so I can get a free Japanese dinner at Sushi Bar. 🙂

Viivue’s Website:

View Viivue’s Portfolio and Team below:


  1. Heh, It is funny how I am in the process of update a website from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.7 with buying a theme from another Vietnam company. Although, one has to wonder how much viivue selling their theme for? consider you can get a sushi dinner just for referal! :). My guess is it ain’t cheap.

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