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It has been awhile since I helped start an IT user group in Vietnam.  I helped initiate the first Barcamp Saigon and formed both the Saigon Linux User Group (which became the Saigon Linux Group after another group formed the second SaigonLUG) and Vietnam Professional Linux/Unix Group over a couple years ago with other Linux enthusiasts.  We all kind of switched gears since the last meetings.  Now I want to focus on WordPress in Vietnam, a blogging platform I have used since March, 2006.

Since the demise of Yahoo 360 a couple years ago, there is an increase number of bloggers switching to WordPress.  Also, many companies are also switching from their cumbersome content management systems, such as Joomla, to something that is easier to use, such as WordPress.  It would be nice to have a venue for all those interested in WordPress to meet up here in Saigon.  I know some new users would like some tips on how to keep their WordPress installs secure and upgraded.

For me, I would like to meet some WordPress developers, Vietnamese and Expat, that could help develop some much needed plugins for me.  One of the requests I get from the US are for WordPress developers to work on a WordPress projects.  Hence I decided to create a new Saigon WordPress User Group with hopes of having the first meeting later next month.  The website was designed in WordPress hosted with Digipower here in Vietnam.  I currently have four WordPress sites hosted there and I will put a couple more next month for friends.

The website is using one of the first HTML5 templates for WordPress called the Whiteboard Framework.  That means those with tablets (iPads and Android tablets) and mobile handsets will be able to view the website.

I hope some of you can join and support the Saigon WordPress User Group.  Once a venue can be found, I will announce the first meeting.

Saigon WordPress User Group website:


  1. Sounds like a great idea. The next time I’m in the area, I look forward to joining in as well. I’m mostly based in Danang and Canada but I do get to HCMC from time to time, and have worked on a lot of WP projects, including one for the Baha’i community of Vietnam. Great initiative!

  2. The first meeting should be the third Tuesday of next month just a couple days before Thanksgiving.

    I am surprised to see how many people are using WordPress in Vietnam now. I felt like I was the only guy using here back in 2006. I remember being laughed at for using it. 🙂

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