A rainy October Saturday evening in Saigon


Yesterday Steve from Baba’s Kitchen invited to a party with his students and friends hosted at, yes, Baba’s Kitchen.   I was a bit late since as I was leaving, it started to rain very heavily.  Of course, I would never let the rain deter me from getting some Indian food so I finally braved the elements and took a short and wet 5 minute ride to Baba’s.  Once there, I knew there would be some students but was very amazed to how many he invited.  It ended up becoming one of the most enjoyable evenings I have had in a very long time here in Saigon.

Many of the Vietnamese students study at the local universities here in Saigon.  They all come from outlying provinces.  This was actually one of the first times in Vietnam that I worked with this particular demographic of Vietnamese students.  Most of my past Vietnamese students come from upper-middle class to wealthy families.  You can see a big difference in the mentality of the two groups as well.  These kids know the value of hard work and it is definitely a trait that I applaud them on.  It was very enjoyable to spend time with them.  Their English is great, the food was good, what else could you ask for?

Thanks for the invite Steve.


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