D’Nyonya Penang Halal Restaurant – Saigon, Vietnam


This is another one of my favorite halal Malaysian restaurants in the city.  D’Nyonya Penang Restaurant offers authentic Penang Malaysian cuisine that I am sure most of you will like.  Prices are very good.  Several of the dishes are my favorite there.

Be forewarned, normally at lunch and dinnertime, you will see a bus full of tourists eating at D’Nyonya.  You may want to make reservations.  If you happened to show up during this time, you can head down Dong Du street to Bon Mua Four Seasons Malaysian Restaurant.  It is very good too.

The meat is halal and this restaurant is certified halal from the Malaysian Halal Authority.

You can view more information and directions to D’Nyonya at the GoHalalPlanet – Vietnam website.