WordPress: Getting the Home button to work in 3 languages with Canvas


So, it is late Saturday night and I am, umm, home typing away on my computer.  Yes, I will admit, I have been home all day, never even stepped foot out of the house.  I have been home all day working on a new company website using WordPress.  The site will be localized into three languages, English, Vietnamese and Japanese.  I am developing the site with WooTheme’s Canvas theme, one of the most popular WordPress themes among WordPress users, especially bloggers.  Since I did not want to create three separate WordPress sites, I decided to use a popular multilingual plugin, qTranslate.  I assumed this would be an easy task to do.  In the end, it was but getting there was a pain.

qTranslate is a great plugin but it is limited.  The plugin helps you create separate language pages for your website content.  They even have quicktags to make it easy to input your languages in widgets, titles, etc.  It is a great plugin but one thing that many people were having was trying to get the default Home link to refer to the correct language page.  For me, what was happening is that when visitors visiting the Japanese site were clicking the Home link, it always referred back to the English site.  Boy it was annoying.

I must of been tired since I spent most of the day trying to find the fix for this online.  Then I got lucky, at the qTranslate Forum, bedex78 had a fix that worked for my Canvas theme.


All I needed was to add his code to the functions.php in the editor menu and it worked.  Amazing!  Simple yet affective.

Since it is hard to find the solution online, I decided to post an entry so people will be able to add it as well.

Now my last two tasks are to figure out how to get the ‘Read Full Story’ and ‘Comments’ to localize in the right languages and I will be done with the site. 🙂


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