New Blog Theme and Hoshi Pictures


I finally got my theme finished for  It took awhile since I have to figure out how to get the CSS colors working with the dropdown menus.  It was not easy but after perusing the WooTheme’s Canvas forum, I was able to get the dropdown working with the right colors.  The Canvas theme is really awesome, if you are a WordPress user, you should be using this theme.  It is so easy to use, this theme will put a dent into the incomes of WordPress theme designers in the future.  I use Canvas on three sites now.  Some of the most popular bloggers use Canvas.

You will notice I am using Orange and Black for my blog now.  Orange and Black were the colors for my high school alma mater, Centralia High School, Home of the Tigers.  I also like orange now since Hoshi is my orange tabby cat.  Below I have some more pictures of Hoshi: