First day of Boot Camp (November 13, 1990)


    Okay, this ends my two weeks of four military anniversaries.  You will not see me talk about the Marines for another year.

    Twenty-one years ago on this date, I started my basic training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California.  It is just something that no Marine will ever forget.  At least several times a year, I have a “nightmare” of my boot camp experience.  The movies and documentaries make the Marine Corps boot camp look very tough.  Trust me, it is actually a lot harder in person.  Still, you can get a glimpse of what Marine Corps boot camp is like by watching the two Making a Marine videos on YouTube.  Yes, the drill instructors do yell at you all the time.

    Today I just happened to find the Marine Corps Boot Camp video on YouTube that I purchased back in February, 1991.  I left my copy in Kazakhstan back in 1999 so when I saw this online, it brought back some memories.  I still got my cammies in that the woodland designs.  The video does not do the actual boot camp any service, the above Making a Marine link is more realistic.  I remember calling this version (below) the “Made for Mommy” version.  It is still good.


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