100 Yen Store

It was the summer of 2002, I had traveled to Sasebo, Japan, with my Japanese mother.  It was my first trip there since 1990 so it had been 12 long years since I have been “home”.  Japan’s economy was struggling during this time, deflation was a problem.  I remember the Japanese Yen was trading roughly at 100 Yen for $1 US dollar.  That was a big shocker since I remembered as a kid that we once could get 360 Yen for $1 US doller.

Japan was expensive.  Thank God there were these things called the 100 (Hyaku) Yen stores.  Everything was literally $1 US and under.  Yes, most of the products were made in China but still, I was able to find some good Japanese products to bring back as gifts to the US.

100 Yen Store - Sasebo, Japan

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