Little Japanese Boy


    Yep, that’s me on the left.  Many people are surprised when they find out I am half-Japanese.  That is my full-blooded Japanese mother to the right of my half-blooded Japanese brother.  It was VIP day for me at the Ford’s Prairie Elementary School in Centralia, Washington.  If my second grade classmates had not known I was Japanese, they did now.

    Kevin Miller, Jr., - Japanese Amerasian (Hafu)


    1. I remember your mother being very nice to me. She was so exotic to me as a child and I loved coming to your house because you had all kinds of japanese art and knick knacks I thought were really cool.

    2. Hey cousins!! I’ve noticed Kevin that in all your nice overseas pictures, you don’t have any of your wonderful cousins..?? What gives?? Just Kidding. Nice website Kevin. Hope to see you again one of these days and catch up in person.

      • Hey Ken, how are you?

        I have a rule in online blogging, I try never to add photos of family or relatives unless the pictures are really old. Good rule to keep if possible.

        I hope to see all in the future.

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