Swordsman in Istanbul


    One of my most memorables times during graduate school.  I spent the 2001 summer interning with TEGV in Istanbul, Turkey.  During this time Turkey was in turmoil, the US was thinking about invading Iraq while the Turks, not happy about this invasion, was about to elect Tayyip Erdogan and the AK Party into government.  To add to the excitement, Turkey had finished in the top 3 of the Football World Cup in South Korea/Japan.

    While I stayed in Istanbul, fellow IU grad student, Kevin Kalbs, decided to visit for a couple days from Germany.  We had a blast though it may have looked more violate (see the photo below) then it really was.  My Turkish friends, Vulcan and Kadir, took care of us during this short weekend.

    Ottoman Sword in Istanbul, Turkey