New blog:

Sorry I have been quiet this week.  I am fighting acute bronchitis resulting from my nonstop colds that I have been getting since last May.  I spend a lot of time home resting though I managed to head out three times today, coughing and all.

I started a new blog,  It is something I wanted to do for awhile so I can refocus on just posts and content related to Saigon and Vietnam. will focus more on my creative side, I want to actually be able to tell a story for each picture I post.  For me, that is more interesting.  If it is interesting for me, then it should be interesting to readers.   While tends to focus on many photos with limited content, will just focus on one picture.  I think this will be a good medium to show people what I experienced around the world during my lifetime.

I hope you enjoy it.


Kyrgyz Man on a Horse -

Kyrgyz Man on a Horse -

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