Saigon Traffic Police “working” the ladies

Yesterday I met with @MienHPham at the Pham Ngu Lao Coffee Beans for some coffee, well hot chocolate for me.  During most of the meeting, we noticed the traffic police just outside of Coffee Beans had stopped a pair of girls on their red Honda Air Blade.  Normally this would not draw any attention but in this case, these girls were there for nearly 1 and a half hours.  Several times one of the traffic police would jump on his motorcycle and stop cars or other motorbikes.  It was funny watching the two girls and the traffic policeman jump from the motorcycle to the Air Blade.

It was obvious the girls did not have either their  driver’s license or legal registration for the motorbike.  It seemed that their motorbike was going to be taken away to the police station that was just down the street about a kilometer on Tran Hung Dao street.  Yet, this did not happen.  It seemed that the traffic police wanted something else.  Yes, one of the girls was pretty, the two uniformed lads were also young men.

The charade continued.  It was funny watching the traffic policeman putting his documents into the motorcycle only to come and retrieve them later.  Finally it ended and the girl in the white shirt said something to that traffic policeman.  You can see smiles on their face.  Something was said to the other traffic policeman and he started to smile.  I never did see if she did give her mobile number to them but I suspect they did since they were able to take their motorbike after “negotiating” for one and a half hours.

Yes, this was done in full view of Coffee Beans, there were many people noticing what was going on.  I guess being a traffic policeman here is one good way to get a girl’s number.

Yes, of course, after the girls left, Mien and I left since there was nothing else to talk about.  I do not remember seeing the traffic policemen when I left, maybe they had a meeting or something…

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